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Taste wine of Plesivica winemakers

Agricultural Farm Režek 

Zdravko Režek’s family has been making wines and growing vineyards for many years. The family’s vineyard dates back to 1878, and they produce about 20,000 liters annually. Their wines have received numerous awards.

Korak Winery and Vineyards

This farm primarily grows grapes and produces wine. The five hectares of their vineyards spans over the finest locations of the area, on southern, southeastern, and southwestern slopes of Plešivca’s winegrowing hills. Due to the limited size of their vineyards, the family is focused on producing high quality wines for selective markets and true wine lovers. They also offer indigenous and homemade food freshly produced at the farm. After being named one of the top 20 winemakers three years in a row, in 2008 Velimir Korak received the title of Croatia’s best winemaker!

 Kolarić Coletti

Winegrowing and winemaking is a tradition of the noble Kolarić family. Their vineyards are located in the especially favorable valley of Sveta Jana winegrowing region. They own about 30,000 vines, which produce about 30,000 liters of quality wine. The family’s wine collection is located on an estate in the small village of Hrastje under the Japetić mountain, surrounded by pristine landscapes and fresh air. Their premium wines and sparkling wines can be tasted in the family winery. Apart from winetasting, the family also offers traditional homemade food and cakes, such as homemade ham, fresh cottage cheese, roast turkey with “mlinci”, and other delicious specials.

Jagunić Family

Jagunić Family Farm is one of the most beautiful spots on the Plešivica Wine Road. There are no words to describe the experience of a personal visit and warm welcome you will receive on Plešivica. Flower filled balconies and friendly hosts will welcome you and offer you premium wines and traditional homemade specials. This farm is a synergy of historic past times and the new modern age. The historic element is preserved in the embroidered cloths, the scent of homemade bread coming from the oven, the taste of homegrown chicken and turkey, yellow pasta made of homegrown eggs, the crackling of fire from an open hearth and the taste of wine from surrounding hills. The wine is produced from a 3 ha vineyard located in the sunniest locations of Veliki dol and Pečnjak. In 2000, the family had about 12,500 vines, and plans to spread the vineyard to a total of 5 ha, or 20,000 vines. They produce 250 hl of wine each year, 80 hl of which with the appellation of origin. Their cellar has a capacity for 500 hl.

Resort Režek’s Cellar

The Režek family is one of the oldest families in Plešivica that has been continually making wines. Krešimir Režek belongs to the fourth generation of winemakers. The winery has been making excellent wines since the second half of the 18th century. The winery’s production process and wine presentation form a blend of old tradition and modern achievements. The family grows only the best and proven varietals in three hectares of vineyards, making wines that confirm the good reputation of the area and their name. Recently, Režek complemented the family production with sparkling wines, as well.

Ivančić Restaurant

The Ivančić family is local to Plešivica and heir to the rich tradition of the Plešivica region. Ivančić Restaurant is one of the more prominent stops in the Plešivica Wine Road that offers a blend of traditional and modern atmosphere far from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Winegrowing and winemaking has been a long-standing tradition in the Ivančić family, and the restaurant offers wines produced on their 4000 vines large vineyard. The house is especially proud of their mixed varietal wine consisting of Welschriesling, Sylvaner and Rhine Riesling. Gourmet food lovers will enjoy their grilled meals, traditional seasonal meals, and game meat. If you are looking to spend a day in a friendly family environment with great food and a beautiful view, the Ivančić Restaurant is just a place for you.

Family Agricultural Farm Ciban

The Cibans have been growing wine for more than 200 years. The family has always been known for success in business. The Ciban Family Farm is located in an attractive location spreading over fifteen hectares, ten of which are covered in vineyards, and five in forest. The jewel of the family estate is the antique country house, named “Malešićev his”, dating back to mid-19th century. The house is a subject of numerous mysteries, stories, and anecdotes. In 1855, it was owned by Kovačina and Kovačić families from Jastrebarsko. In 1926 the Malešić family took possession, and since 2004 it belongs to the Ciban family. Apart from quality wines, the Ciban estate also offers a range of gourmet products. Their famous soup made of mushrooms from the forests on the estate is an unforgettable experience.

Tomac Family Winery and Vineyards

Wine is the main component of the Tomac family farm. It has maintained them for more than 200 years through hard times, and good times. The family grows numerous varietals over 4 ha of vineyards on the slopes of Plešivica. When considering the effort, hardships, joy and life on the Tomac family farm, we come to the conclusion that it is only with a lot of love for the vineyards and cellars that such excellent results can be achieved. The farm offers professional guidance, tasting and tours, as well as magnificent views and the atmosphere of a renovated rustic house.

Family Agricultural Farm Gregorić

Robert Braje’s Winery and Vineyards

Come and enjoy the renovated wooden house in Lokošin Dol near Jastrebarsko, and taste Robert Braje’s wines.

Jana Wine House

Only 6 km along the road from Jastrebarsko to Gorica Svetojanska, through Hrastje Plešivičko and Malunj, there is a village called Prodindol located among vineyards and wooden houses of Plešivica. The village is home to Jana Wine House that offers comfort with homemade meals and quality wines with appellation of origin. The homey atmosphere is also ideal for various celebrations, private and business lunches, dinners, birthdays, weddings, seminars, presentations, workshops and team building activities.

Family Agricultural Farm Braje

Braje family has a long tradition of winegrowing and winemaking. The experience and knowledge has been passed from generation to generation. A total of 3 hectares of vineyards with about 14,500 vines is spread over seven locations at elevation of about 200 to 250 meters. These are only about 500 meters away from the house, and offer a complete experience of excellent wines and natural beauty. The quality of the family’s wines has been confirmed by numerous awards and recognitions, and they are now the only local growers of the Gruner Veltliner, an old Austrian variety of grape. The Braja family vineyards also offer an air of history, since they are located right next to the old Erdödy family vineyards. A glass of good wine is, of course, accompanied by interesting stories and the always present good atmosphere.

Šember Family

Eight members of the Šember family live in the village of Donji Pavlovčani near Jastrebarsko. The family has been growing and producing wine for about a hundred years. Their vineyards spread over 3 hectares, and the family produces five varietals of wine with appellation of origin. The quality of the Šember house products has been confirmed by numerous awards, including not only silver and gold medals, but also champion trophies won in international wine fairs held in Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, and elsewhere. The family’s beautiful wine tasting house on the wine road offers a comfortable and welcome atmosphere and contributes to the development of rural tourism in the area.

Šoškić Wines

What makes this family different from all the others, is that it does not have a long tradition of winegrowing and winemaking. The foundation for their winery was pure love of wines. This love has brought them many benefits, since Šoškić wines now win many medals and recognitions. Apart from wine tasting, the Šoškić family estate also offers tours of the rich cellar that can accommodate up to 200 people.

Farm Kurtalj

The Kurtalj family house is one of the oldest buildings in Plešivica, and holds historic and architectural value equal to the Church of St. George, parish house, Horvat Villa and Chapel of St. Francis Xavier. The house is a rare example of residential classical architecture in rural areas. The old oak barrels in the cellars are still used for wine ageing. Beside the old stone cellar with vaults, there is a new cellar and a tasting room constructed in an effort to modernize and expand the estate.

Family Agricultural Farm Davor Sirovica

The love that Davor Sirovica’s family has for vines and wine resulted in premium products confirmed by numerous awards. The farm is located high up in the mountain with trails leading to the very peak of Plešivica.

Stjepan Sirovica’s Vineyards and Winery

Sirovica family vineyards and winery were founded at the start of the 20th century. They have embraced new technology and produce around 60,000 liters of wine annually. The wine is aged in a modern and air conditioned cellar. Two family members work in wine and grape production on vineyards spanning over 2 hectares and containing 9,600 vines. The vineyard on the southern slopes of Plešivica is located on an altitude of about 300 meters, which reduces the yield but increases quality. Their quality wines are made solely of the grapes grown in their own vineyards. The winery is especially proud of their Sylvaner. The varietal is not very popular among winegrowers due to its low yield and high sensitivity to bunch rot and grey mold. Sirovica family produces around 3,000 liters of the wine with appellation of origin.

Branko Bušćak’s Winery and Vineyards

Branko’s parents started the winegrowing tradition in the family, after whom he expanded the production to new vineyards. The family currently farms two and a half hectares of vineyards with 8,800 vines of Welschriesling, Portugieser, Pinot Noir and Blanc. Enjoy the Pušćak family quality wines, take a tour of their cellar and feast your eyes on the beautiful views.

Family Agricultural Farm Majcenović

Anyone looking to relax in a beautiful landscape close to the city should come to this family farm. The beautiful view of Plešivica will help you forget everyday troubles. The farm offers quality wines with hundred years of tradition.

Stipković Winery

Stipković family has a long tradition of winegrowing and winemaking. They currently own 4,500 vines of Welschriesling and Rhine Riesling. Apart from wine, they also make “Dora” sparkling wine, silver medal winner at an international competition in Split. Their cellar is located in the village of Rastoki, surrounded by pristine nature.The family also has a large apple orchard.

Damir Drago Režek Agro Tourism

The farm has continuously been producing wine for several generations. The family vineyard house holds and inscription dating it to 1876. In the early 1990s, the family started reviving old vineyards and producing their own wine. Nowadays, their vineyards span over 5 hectares. Two varietals are equally represented: Sylvaner and Portugieser, the family’s favorite. The others include Müller-Thurgau, Pinot Noir, and Sauvignon Blanc, also the first premium wine of the Plešivica region. The grapes are processed in a cellar nearby the vineyards themselves, equipped for quality grape processing. The cellar also contains a tasting room with a capacity up to 50 guests. Expert guidance during the tasting will make a visit to the winery and unforgettable experience.

Španić Winery

Long standing tradition, currently continued by the fourth generation of the family, excellent position of the vineyards, and carefully selected varietals made the Španić family a part of the winemaking establishment of Plešivica. Their wines are high quality and characteristic specimens of Plešivica’s wine revival. Namely, the Španić family has vineyards in Lugaričko, Beličina, and Prhočak, in the south and southwestern slopes. They farm around 2.6 hectares (about 16,000 vines) of Welschriesling, Sylvaner, Kerner, and Rhine Riesling, with a recent addition of about 2,500 vines of Sylvaner, Pinot Blanc and Portugieser. Their cellars are a blend of modern technology and old tradition, and the controlled fermentation ensures the production of wines with characteristic aroma, harmony, and, as far as Rhine Riesling and Kerner are concerned, suitable for archiving. They welcome tourists in a facility for guided wine tasting.

Family Agricultural Farm Stanišić

Stanišić family has a long standing tradition of winegrowing, and has recently started producing various quality wines. The family processes a total of 11,000 vines of Welschriesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Rhine Riesling. They often participate in wine fairs all over Croatia, winning awards for their wines. The farm offers traditional homemade food, wine, sparkling wines, and a magnificent view.

Vučinić Winery

Vučinić family has been making wine on the slopes of Plešivica and Okić for many years. Their love for vineyards and wine has been transferred through generations. Mirko Vučinić, father of the family, was the first to protect the family’s quality wines “Graševina” and “Kraljevina” in 1992. His son Zdenko continued in his father’s footsteps. Captivated by the beauty of Plešivica’s amphitheater, he decided to enrich the hills with quality vines, thus expanding the family’s offer to “fragrant” Traminec and yellow Plavec. He is also planning on adding new varietals. The Vučinić family’s wines have received excellent reviews from wine critics and medals in wine fairs.

Family Agricultural Farm Franjo Gregorić

Winegrowing and winemaking have been a long-standing tradition in this family. Their Portugieser is a favorite among buyers, but has also been recognized in many international competitions. The family is planning to expand their current annual production of 20,000 liters, but by preserving the charm of the small estate. Franjo Gregorić has been a registered grape and wine producer since 1997.

Production and trade of agricultural products Ivancic

Ivančić family has been growing vines and making wine since 1850. Their vineyards have been revived and expanded throughout the years, and the family has had the appellation of origin label since 1993. The tasting room is a part of the family house and wine cellar in the center of Jastrebarsko.

Lacković-Golubić Vineyards and Winery

The winegrowing and winemaking tradition of this family was started by their great grandfathers over a hundred years ago, passing their skills on from generation to generation. The family business today is continued by Josip and Nada Lacković, their daughter Renata and her husband Danijel Golubić. The family has been making wines for commercial sale from the start. Since 1995, they have been selling wine under their own label and have been registered as grape and wine producers since 1976. The family has about 15,000 vines of various varietals, producing quality wines with the appellation of origin.

Kunović Family Agricultural Farm

Enjoy a friendly family atmosphere with homemade quality wines and sparkling wines.

Leding Ltd.

Wine cellars in Vlaškovec offer a wide range of quality wines that would satisfy even the most demanding guests.

Lagradi d.o.o.

The Lagradi winery offers true wine lovers a taste of their wide range of wines with professional guidance and a tour of the cellars.

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