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Exhibition of Jastrebarsko’s famous cooper Milivoj Ivo Golub’s collection opened on May 25, 2012. The collection consists of numerous coopering tools, oak (barrique) wine barrels, buckets, round and oval casks, and other products. These are results of great effort invested into the preservation of these valuable traditional skills. Mirko Golub started the "Golub“ cooperage in 1965, continuing the long tradition of coopering in the Jastrebarsko region. He and his brother Franjo made new and repaired old wooden items used primarily for winemaking in the area around Zagreb, in Zagorje and wider areas. The workshop is now led by a second, college educated generation. They use traditional skills, but also new inventions in science and technology, creating quality wooden items that produce the best wines.

The barrels are made of high quality English and sessile oak dried in a natural way for many years. The quality of oak, together with craftsmanship, ensure stability and long life of the final product, as well as beneficial influence on wine or schnapps aging in the barrel. The workshop also makes barrique barrels that give sophisticated and elegant smoky color to wine, the flavor of caramel and honey and vanilla aroma. Barrique barrels are used primarily for red wines, such as pinot, cabernet, merlot, etc., but they can also be used for white wines, such as chardonnay and sauvignon. The effect of barrique barrels of this workshop can be tasted in wines made by Zvonimir Tomac, Dragutin Režek, Velimir Korak... Barrique barrels can be lightly, moderately, or heavily burnt from the inside, depending on the requirements of the winemaker. The workshop has received awards for their products in crafts fairs held in Krapina in 1977, 1978, 1979, and 1980, as well as recognition from winemakers who re-order their products. Golub coopers also maintain and repair wooden utensils of wine cellars of Plešivica, Okić, Sveta Jana and Krašić areas (“Mladina” winery, cellars in Desinec and Sveta Jana, and wine barrels of family wineries). Just call ahead, and you can see the collection any workday in Milivoj Ivo Golub’s cooperage at Ul. Franje Tuđmana 16, Jastrebarsko.

Contact: Milivoj Ivo Golub, phone: 00385 1 6283 515, E-mail: bacvargolub@yahoo.com

Web: http://www.bacvar-golub.hr/bacvarska-zbirka-obitelji-golub.asp


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